Highly effective professional straightening and permanent or semi-permanent wave treatments for creating new looks with unequalled performance and cosmetic effect, maximum delicacy and a perfect technical result. Wavey, curly or straight hair? Choose the ideal product to create the look you want from the exclusive Helen Seward range!
You can now choose uniquely gentle straightening or waving treatments for your salon that protect and respect the natural beauty of the hair.

KERATIN_P3K is a long-lasting professional smoothing treatment that transforms frizzy hair to make it naturally straighter and more manageable, while leaving it softer and with added body.
WAVE SYSTEM is a complete line of waving treatments that give the best combination of results and protection for the hair.

RELAX SYSTEM is a professional straightening method designed for all those women who want to completely change their look while preserving the natural beauty of their hair.
A line of effective, highly professional waving and straightening products designed for those who want to renew their look visibly and quickly with a gentle, non-aggressive treatment that ensures excellent performance and a long-lasting result.